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We are an eclectic class with members of all ages and varied backgrounds and experiences.
And we find that this variety adds a lot of sparkle and insight to our discussions. Also, we most
often use curriculum with a short video element that boosts conversation and discovery.
The motto of the United Methodist Church, “Open Hearts, Open Doors” could easily be that of
the Open Door Sunday School Class. We encourage you to join us any time.


O God,

my name is known to you.

I am held in your perfect presence.

I cannot fathom what you will make of me,

I only know that I cannot make myself,

no matter how hard I try.

But this one thing I can do:

I can choose to give myself

 into your constant loving creativity.

I give my past, with its joys and triumphs,

 its failures and regrets.

I give my present, with its struggles 

and accomplishments, its hopes and setbacks.

I give my future, with its fears and freedoms, 

its pain and promise.

I choose to trust the Hand that made the world,

to trust the Spirit that breathes life,

to trust the Love that will not let me go,

to trust the promise of the Word made flesh.

O God,

my name is known to you.

May my life reflect this miraculous truth.


 (Kathy Galloway - modified)

Submitted by Bill McKee

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